What is a pin code? What if I forget ATM pin code?

ATM cards are increasingly used today. Thanks to ATM cards, transactions are simpler than ever. To use an ATM card, a pin code is required. So what is a pin code? What to do when you forget your pin code? Find out by reading the following article:

What is a pin code?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number which means personal identification number. A pin code is a number that helps identify different customers. In other words, a pin code is a unique and secure password for logging into accounts.

Today, increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals require banks to increase security. A pin code is an important step in the account security system. Usually PIN codes are commonly used in banking or system login accounts.


What is an ATM pin code?

An ATM pin code is an identifier that helps a customer log into an ATM account. An ATM pin code is a sequence of numbers. Depending on the bank, the pin code has a length of 4-8 numbers. ATM pin code helps customers to withdraw money at ATMs and conduct other money transfer or receipt transactions.

PIN codes are designed to protect fraudsters when logging into ATM accounts. When registering as an ATM card, the bank will provide any PIN to the customer. Immediately after receiving the card, customers need to change their PIN to avoid information disclosure.

The importance of ATM pin code

ATM pin code is information that helps customers log in to their ATM accounts. Therefore, if the crooks get an ATM card and know the PIN, they can easily steal the money in the account. Therefore, you absolutely need to keep the security of your pin code.

To ensure security, banks encourage customers to change their pin code regularly. pin codes generally avoid easy-to-guess numbers like birthdays or frequently used numbers. However, customers need to remember the pin codes after changing.

Forgot ATM pin code what to do?

Currently, each customer can have many different ATM cards along with dozens of other accounts. That’s why forgetting ATM pin code often happens. When you forget your pin code, you can contact your ATM card issuer for help.

In the process of waiting for the PIN to be reissued, customers can rest assured about the account balance. To be able to use the money, in addition to the PIN, an ATM card is required. If you don’t have an ATM card, you can withdraw money just knowing the password.

How to get pin code back at the bank?

The procedure to get your pin code back at the bank is generally quite simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Contact the card issuer’s switchboard to present the current card situation. Customers need to provide card-related information such as card number, customer name, identity card number, etc.
  • Step 2: The bank staff will assist customers to lock their accounts or restrict their accounts.
  • Step 3: Customers go directly to the bank counters to get PIN code.

Is there a fee to retrieve a pin code?

To get the pin code back, customers are required to go directly to the counters. To ensure the highest security, the bank does not provide passwords via hotline. To get the PIN back, the customer needs to pay a small fee.

Depending on the regulations of each bank, the fee to recover the pin code will be different. In general, the fee to retrieve the pin code is low. Fees usually range from 50,000 PHP – 100,000 PHP. Customers can pay the fee directly at the counter or deduct money from their account.

How to use ATM card pin code safely

To use ATM pin code securely, customers need to be proactive and secure during use. Here are some suggestions to help customers secure their pin code:


  • Change your pin code regularly, usually every 3-6 months.
  • Do not use the same pin code as other login accounts.
  • Do not set pin codes that are easy to guess such as 1234, 1111 or birthday, etc.
  • When withdrawing money at ATMs, you need to go with an acquaintance or choose a place where many people pass by.
  • Avoid the case of thieves stealing cards and money.
  • When logging in to use ATMs, you need to cover the keyboard with your hand. There are many cases of crooks installing cameras to steal passwords.
  • If you accidentally lose your ATM card, you need to quickly lock your ATM card as quickly as possible.


ATM cards today become extremely familiar to people in both urban and rural areas. Hopefully this article has helped you answer the question of what a pin code is and know how to get your ATM pin code back. Be proactive in securing your ATM pin code.

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