What is mobile banking? How to register?

In the 4.0 technology era, being able to easily perform banking transactions right on the phone without going to the counter is one of the conveniences that most customers use. Mobile Banking is becoming more and more popular and useful for users. Let’s find out information about what Mobile Banking is and how to register in the following article.

What is mobile banking?

Mobile Banking is a convenient service that the bank provides so that customers can easily perform basic transactions right on their phones or computers anytime, anywhere. Customers only need to register for the service, using smartphones and computers. laptop and have an internet connection, you can perform transactions such as:

  • Same system transfer, interbank transfer, 24/7 quick transfer..
  • Pay bills for electricity, water, internet, air tickets, tuition fees, insurance….
  • Phone recharge card.
  • Query account information.
  • Open an online savings account.


Differentiate mobile banking and internet banking

Customers often confuse Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services as one. However, these two services are completely different. The common point of these two services is that they both allow users to perform transactions right on their phones:

  • Transfer
  • Query account information
  • Open an online savings account, close the savings account.
  • Service bill payment, postpaid phone bill payment, phone recharge for prepaid subscribers…

The difference between these two services is:

Service Internet Banking Mobile Banking
Equipment used Tablets, laptops, phones phones
Setting No need to install Download the application from the App Store, CH Play to your device
Using Access the bank’s Internet Banking website Open Mobile Banking application on your phone to use

Should you use mobile banking or not?

With attractive utilities and incentives, more and more customers register and use Mobile Banking service to easily make transactions on their phones. Most customers prefer and register to use Mobile Banking more than Internet Banking because the application is compatible with many types of phones and the interface is simple, easy to understand, and easy to use.

How to register for mobile banking service?

To register for Mobile Banking service, customers only need to go directly to the bank’s transaction counter and follow the instructions of the teller. In addition, you can also register online at the websites of some supporting banks.


Conditions to register for Mobile Banking service are:

  • Have a checking account opened at a bank.
  • Have a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet (via GPRS/3G/Wifi) and use one of the operating systems iOS (iPhone), Android, BlackBerry OS or with Java support.
  • Registered phone number.


Profile includes:

  • ID/CCCD of the customer who wants to register for the service.
  • The service registration form has fully declared information.

Registration instructions

Customers register directly at the counter by following these steps:

  • Go directly to the nearest bank branch/transaction office during business hours.
  • Line up the numbers and wait in order.
  • Go to the service counter and ask the teller to assist you in registering for Mobile Banking service.
  • Provide personal information, ID card/CCCD and fill out the service registration form.
  • The teller activates the service.
  • Fees for using Mobile Banking at banks range from 8000 PHP to 10000 PHP/month. Some banks offer free service.

In addition, customers can register to use Mobile Banking online depending on each supporting bank. For example, for Vietinbank, to register online, customers follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the bank.
  • Go to “personal” and select “online registration”.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Select the product/service as “e-banking” and confirm “registration completion”.
  • Wait for the bank to receive the information and have a customer service staff contact you directly.


Which bank has the best mobile banking service?

All banks operating in the market today provide Mobile Banking service with many benefits and incentives for customers. In which, some banks that customers choose to use the most services are:


What is Mobile Banking? Mobile Banking is the most commonly used electronic banking service today. Most customers with bank accounts have registered to use Mobile Banking to easily make transactions on their phones anytime, anywhere.

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