What is internet banking? The fastest way to register for internet banking

In the era of modern technology 4.0, ordinary simple transactions such as transfer, receipt of money, payment of electricity and water bills, online shopping, phone top-up, etc. can all be done online through the service. Internet Banking service. So what is Internet Banking? Let’s learn how to register for Internet Banking in the following article.

What is internet banking?

Internet banking is an electronic banking service that most banks now provide to assist customers in making online transactions via the Internet. Customers registering for this service can make transactions anytime, anywhere, including holidays/holidays or any time of the day.

Customers only need to have a smartphone, computer, or laptop with an Internet connection to access their account and make transactions.


Benefits of using internet banking service

The outstanding advantages of using Internet Banking services are:

  • Easily transfer money with the same system, interbank, fast transfer, transfer to ID card/CCCD number quickly, simply and conveniently. The fee for money transfer is also low, there are some banks that are free to transfer money, it takes no effort to go directly to the counter and the transaction is fast and low cost.
  • Manage account, query account information, check statement/transaction history.
  • Pay electricity and water bills, online with many preferential discounts.
  • Buy and sell, book flight tickets, bus tickets, food, shopping online payment.
  • Deposit online with preferential interest rates.

How to register for internet banking service

To register for Internet Banking service, most banks require customers to bring ID/CCCD, need to go directly to the transaction counter for support. Some banks will allow customers to register for Internet Banking online on the bank’s website provided that the customer already has an account at the bank.

Username and password will be issued by the bank upon successful registration. Customers can change their password to make it easy to remember. Username cannot be changed and must be remembered, usually the registered customer’s phone number.

How to set up internet banking on your phone

Customers who have registered for Internet Banking can download the bank’s application to their phones and use the application directly on their phones, making transactions more convenient and easier. Log in with the username and password provided. To ensure the security of the transaction, the customer will be sent an OTP code to the registered phone.

Simple ways to use internet banking

Step 1: Log in to your personal Internet Banking account with the username and password provided by your bank.

Step 2: Make transactions on demand, use OTP code to secure personal account information.


Differentiate internet banking, mobile banking and SMS banking

Internet Banking SMS Banking Mobile Banking
E-banking services allow customers to manage accounts and perform transactions such as online money transfer, bill payment, financial services, top-up, tax payment, etc., through electronic Internet-connected devices. phone, laptop, etc.

Banking service is done through text messages of the phone. SMS Banking can be used to perform banking transactions such as accessing current balance, transaction notification such as withdrawing money, receiving money, etc.

SMS Banking supports all phone lines.

Like Internet Banking but Mobile Banking is used on smartphone platform. To install Mobile Banking, users need to download the application from CH Play, Google Play to their device.

A special advantage of Mobile Banking is that it allows payment via QR code to help users conveniently pay bills quickly.

Notes when using internet banking service

Some notes when using Internet Banking to avoid unnecessary mistakes are:

  • Use OTP code to secure personal information and protect account safety.
  • Do not provide personal information related to the account such as Account number, OTP code, PIN code to anyone (including bank staff) to avoid loss of account information.
  • Only access internet banking on highly reliable computers and networks such as home or work computers. Absolutely do not access this service on public internet networks.
  • You should register for additional services such as SMS Banking to ensure that you can control the status of your account as quickly as possible so that if there is a problem, you can take timely measures.


Through the above article, customers have information to answer the question of what is Internet Banking. Customers should use Internet Banking service to make transactions more convenient.

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