What is capital goods?

Although it has been through a very long time, with many changes in the economy and society, Marxism-Leninism still has its value. One of the contents mentioned in Marxism-Leninism is the means of capital goods – a rather abstract concept that not everyone understands. So what is the capital goods?

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What is capital goods?

The concept of capital goods is mentioned in Marxist-Leninist political economy. This concept has the following contents:

Capital goods are necessary material conditions for the organization of production, including means of labor and objects of labor.

– Labor objects are the material factors of capital goods that human labor uses the means of labor to act on, in order to transform them to suit the purposes of human use.


The means of labor are the material factors of capital goods that people rely on to influence the object of labor in order to transform the object of labor into products that meet human capital goods requirements. Labor materials include: working tools and working means.

+ Means of work are the material factors of capital goods, together with the tools of labor that people use to influence the objects of labor in the process of capital goods.

+ Labor tools are material means that people directly use to influence labor objects in order to transform them in order to create material wealth to serve human and social needs. Labor tools are the mediating material factors of transmission between workers and objects of labor in the production process. This is the organ of the brain, the materialized knowledge created by humans and used by humans as the material means of production.

Labor tools play a decisive role in labor productivity. Today, in the context of the developing industrial revolution, labor tools are increasingly modernized. C. Marx once asserted: “The economic epochs differ not in what they differ from, but in how they are produced, with what means of labor.”

In the production force, workers are the leading factor that plays a decisive role. Because workers are the subject of creation and use of labor tools. Capital goods are only products of human labor, and the actual value and effectiveness of means of capital goods depend on the level of use of workers.

In the production process, as a production tool wastes and moves into the value of the product, workers, due to their creative nature, in the process of working they not only create value enough to compensate for the waste. labor, but also create new value greater than the initial value. Workers are the source of all material creation, the source of material creation. Along with workers, labor tools are also basic and indispensable factors. The level of tool development is a determinant of social labor productivity.


What are the types of capital goods?

Capital goods are not fixed devices, such as machines and output devices. The company manufactures a wide range of equipment as capital goods. We include the computer to assemble the leads, until the mask is not cleaned, and the high-resolution imaging system.

Capital goods is also produced for businesses that specialize in providing services. Hair clippers are used by hairstylists, paints and paints are used by artists, and musical instruments are used by musicians as one of the many types of capital goods sold to designers. Service Provider.

Capital goods core is a type of capital goods that does not include aircraft and goods manufactured for the Department of Defense, such as automatic rifles and comrades.

The US Census Bureau’s monthly advance report on durable goods orders includes data on core capital goods purchases – also known as Core CAPEX – for capital expenditure.

This information is an tracking as a message only for the hybrid about open level that the business to plan to plan. Durable goods are products with an expected lifespan of at least three years.

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