Uploan (SAVii) Philippines Information & Review

UpLoan is a lending service app in the Philippines. It provides affordable and fast cash loans online to help Filipino users solve their problems. A safe, trustworthy, and easy-to-use peso loan platform developed by Filipinos for Filipinos. Get cash loans faster with UpLoan Philippines – anytime via your smartphone! Download now for free!

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About UpLoan PH (SAVii)

UpLoan is a new Philippines personal loan app that makes receiving a peso loan fast, easy, and reasonable. No more standing in line just to get turned down by banks. When you utilize our loan service platform, which is available on your smartphone 24 hours a day, it just takes two minutes to apply online. 

UpLoan Phillippines

UpLoan Phillippines

You may borrow money and get fast cash loans using this cash-loan mobile app in no time. This highly rated cash-loan application allows you to apply for a free loan online right now using your smartphone

UpLoan has been in the micro-lending business for quite some time now, so you can bet they know what they are doing. This means that when you install the app, your concern about its legitimacy will be laid to rest assured. Contact UpLoan right away if you need more information or request a loan.

Update: from 2021, UpLoan rebranded to SAVii Philippines

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Is Upload Legit?

Any business looking to set up a head office in the Philippines knows that financial institutions operating in the country and looking to offer services and products to residents must first choose a company registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and gain permission from this regulating body. 

It is completely legit by Philippines Government It is completely legit by Philippines Government

It is completely legit by Philippines Government

The National Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines oversees businesses that look for SEC authorization, which is why it’s only fitting that both of these organizations double up as FAQ consultants on the subject. By going through the following links, you can find out all about what it takes for your company to get on board with clients seeking financial opportunities:

Going through the above list, you will find the name of UpLoan Company.

The UpLoan is a legal Filipino corporation that operates under local authorities’ license number CS201628816 – 2637. It passes all essential inspections from local authorities and makes it difficult for clients to have any cause not to trust this firm.

How To Get A Loan At Uploan ?

UpLoan is a fast and convenient way for employees to get an instant salary advance from what they already have coming in. An advance that gives off with the best interest. 

UpLoan is the ultimate finance solution for those who are looking for a fund

UpLoan is the ultimate finance solution for those who are looking for a fund

If you are approved for the loan, the money will be directly deposited into your bank account, making it easy for you to pay Uploan back together with your regular monthly expenses like you normally would without even feeling any undue strain on your financial resources now that they’ve been increased.

Access UpLoan on the web, or use their free apps for your iPhone or Android phone. Log in to see if you’re eligible for a loan. If you are a dependable regular customer, most likely, you will be approved for the loan.

They credit individual users according to the total monthly salary that a person generates. This means people with smaller salaries have more chance of securing more substantial loans than those with higher wages if they’ve been with Uploan for longer periods. This system is fair!

Your loan application will be with Uploan on the fast track. Time is of the essence, which is why they make all of our users feel right at home with the company’s security policy. 

Get cash from UpLoan now

Loan parameters

Loan amount Terms Rate
10000 – 100000 PHP 180 – 365 days 1,35% per day

Why Should You Choose Uploan Philippines?

Greatest Rates for customers

The Uploan Finance team is ready to provide expert advice on all matters related to financing at the lowest possible interest rate (from 0.5%). This is the company’s bright spot compared to other micro-lending platforms.

Repayment with Salary Deduction Automatically

The process of paying your principal and interest will be simpler than ever because Uploan has the option to deduct it from your monthly salary. All you need to do is choose automatic interest payment, and they will do all the work for you.

24-hour Fast Approval

The Uploan firm offers an easy-to-use interface for application requests, as well as a streamlined client identification procedure. Customers may begin the loan request procedure fast and follow the progress within 24 hours. 

No more paperwork

No more paperwork

All relevant information is safely maintained in its IT service’s database.

Help always got your back.

When you need help, the customer support crew is always available. The firm thinks that it isn’t designed to be a burden or an annoyance but rather to help their business flourish and provide you peace of mind knowing that you can always trust Uploan to treat all of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Apply For A Second Loan When I Already Have An Existing One?

Of course, it’s possible. However, you need to meet the condition that 80% of the most recent loan has been paid in full.

How Long Is The Longest Loan Term?

You can have the option of a maximum of 36 months.

How Is The Maximum Salary Loan Amount Calculated?

Don’t worry too much about interest being deducted from your monthly salary. They are automatically deducted, but less than 30% because this is the maximum allowed by the Government.


UpLoan is one of the best options for the Philippines’ loan service platform. It is a smartphone app that allows consumers to borrow money and profit from rapid cash loans online easily. UpLoan offers secure, cheap, and flexible financial assistance for everyday requirements. Try using it today, and you won’t regret it!

Get cash from UpLoan now

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