Paymaya Philippines Information & Review

Paymaya is your ultimate financial companion. It caters to your everyday financial needs from the convenience of a mobile application. Not only can you make payments and transfer funds, but you can also pay for taxes or apply for loans. Want to know more about this app? Please refer to our article right below.

Get cash from Paymaya now

About Paymaya Lending Corporation (PayMaya)

PayMaya Philippines has arrived! Your financial situation is going to change. PayMaya, the largest mobile money transfer application in the Philippine market, allows anybody to transfer bills, pay for services, and send cash with a single press of a button on their phone. 

The PayMaya Lending Corp

The PayMaya Lending Corp

The ultimate payment solution accepts payments from all major financial institutions and provides the highest cash back incentives in the market. If you are a Filipino and have questions about effectively handling your funds, contact the team. I’m confident they can assist!

You can put your trust in your PayMaya Manila account. According to the SEC, the Philippines’ user protection regulator, it is as legitimate as it gets.

You may already be aware that PayMaya is on the rise, and they are expanding daily. Their app’s extensive features make it incredibly easy for consumers to send money straight to other registered users, pay bills, and much more, with over 2 million downloads and counting! They are also constantly increasing, allowing us to confidently offer you even more, use areas for your online payment solution.

Is Paymaya Legal?

The easiest way to see which companies are top-notch legit is by checking out what the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has to say. They monitor companies at all times and list in detail every single one that’s up to scratch on the official website

In case you need to know whether or not PayMaya is legit, you can rest assured that the company has followed all required legal steps and procedures. In fact, PayMaya has been certified as Registration number 2020090002308-07 and certificate of authority number 3324. 

So if you want to make the best out of the PayMaya lending app, you’ll be able to do it with confidence because everything on the software end will be completely legitimate- because (like its parent company) it’s operating by all accounts exactly as it should be!

Get cash from Paymaya now

How To Get A Loan Through Paymaya?

Paymaya has collaborated with, which provides PayMaya users with rapid cash advances! 

Use the service easily with just a touch on the phone

Use the service easily with just a touch on the phone

These small-business loans range from 2,000 to 5,000 pesos with a maximum loan term of 14 days. On the other hand, this program comes with both convenience and challenge: convenience in that it is quick to apply for and easy to obtain your money once authorized. 

Make certain that you can return the loan within 14 days, or you may be charged late penalties or defaulted on your loan!

We’ll show you how having a PayMaya account can help make your life easier. To do this:

  1. Go to the Apple Store and install the PayMaya app.
  2. Register for an account and start making payments on time.
  3. Start by paying for monthly bills, moving funds between accounts, and finally transferor money internationally.
  4. Your fortune will be upgraded over time. And when you are eligible to borrow money through PayMaya, the app’s interface will show the Credit Scoring section. Please enable this feature and start borrowing money with PayMaya.

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Loan parameters

Apply Repayment Terms Monthly Repayment APR Total Cost
20000 – 5000 php 6 Months 5000 143% 2383

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 10000 PHP 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
FEE 0.08% 0.08% 0.08%

Why Should You Choose Paymaya? 

Perfect For Students

Let your kids be extra smart with the latest pay@maya promo! Get them to use PayMaya, a line of payment app that offers student promos as they earn cashback and crazy discounts every time they shop. 

You can use PayMaya anytime, anywhere

You can use PayMaya anytime, anywhere

They can get their hands on awesome deals like 10% off their total transaction value at Ayala and Glorietta Malls, 5x Reward Points from Maybank, P500 worth of load credit, and 0.50% Cash Back for all Local Bills Payment.

Get cash from Paymaya now

Quickly And More Convenient Than Ever

With PayMaya, you can simplify your planning and save money by only spending on what you need. In an emergency, your PayMaya Card might come in useful to assist someone on the road who needs to pay for a hotel or cab ticket home. 

It’s simple to manage your funds with InstaPay access from your phone. You don’t even have to take time off from work!

Securities Are Superior Compared To Other Ways Of Making Payment

By having a PayMaya’s virtual card or sending their allowance straight to their PayMaya Account, students can easily track every transaction they make. So now they know exactly where they spend their money, which takes off the stress of remembering everything that was purchased with the money. 

Make payments with PayMaya is easier than ever

Make payments with PayMaya is easier than ever

Furthermore, the student can receive SMS notifications after every transaction they make, so spending time monitoring their spending habits will be made much quicker and easier.

In Conclusion

PayMaya is a financial companion that makes sure your cash moves in the right direction all day, every day. You can make payments, send money, and apply for loans with it. You’ll be in charge when you put Paymaya to work for you! 

We hope you found this article helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Paymaya today and enjoy the best way of making payment ever.

Get cash from Paymaya now

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