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Online Loans Pilipinas is a reputable online loan address, the loan procedure only requires an ID card, the loan interest rate is only 0%, the limit is up to 20,000, disbursed after only 5 minutes. So how to borrow money online Online Loans Pilipinas? We invite you to follow along.

Information on Online Online Loans Pilipinas Loan Package

Loan type Get a quick loan online at the website or download the loan app on your phone
Limited 1,000 – 20,000
Term of payment 90 days – 180 days
Support Area Nationwide
Supported ages From 20 years old – 60 years old
Interest 0% first loan, 12% – 20% second loan.
Procedure Only ID card
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What is a Online Loans Pilipinas?

Online Loans Pilipinas, also known as OLP, is a financial company of Online Loans Pilipinas Financing Inc.. The company operates in the financial sector with services for  online loans short-term, support loans from 1,000 – 20,000. Since then, the company has supported many customers to access loans with simple procedures just need ID card.


Customers can completely apply for a loan at Online Loans Pilipinas through two main forms: register through Online Loans Pilipinas’s website: or download the loan app on the phone.

Company information:

  • Name: Online Loans Pilipinas Financing Inc. (formerly Magic World Technologies Inc.)
  • Address: Unit 1402-06 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City
  • Certificate of Authority #1181
  • SEC Registration Number: CS201726430

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Review of Online Loans Pilipinas Quick Loan Package

When evaluating the package fast loan Online Loans Pilipinas, you should evaluate on two aspects: advantages and disadvantages. As follows:

Advantages of Online Loans Pilipinas

When you get a quick loan from Online Loans Pilipinas, you will receive the following utilities:

  • Online loan procedure at Online Loans Pilipinas is quick and easy, just need ID card , no cumbersome, time consuming.
  • There are many preferential programs with 0% interest rate for customers who register for the first time.
  • Online Loans Pilipinas supports lending to customers with bad debt from group 2 and below.
  • Customers do not need to prove their income, do not call to verify their relatives.

Disadvantages of Online Loans Pilipinas

However, there are also some limitations when you choose to borrow online through Online Loans Pilipinas such as the loan term at Online Loans Pilipinas is relatively short, only 90 days – 180 days. However, if you cannot afford to pay the debt but it is due and you want to extend it, you can actively contact Online Loans Pilipinas and ask for a delayed payment.

Online Online Loans Pilipinas Loan Conditions

When applying for a monthly installment loan, just an ID card at Online Loans Pilipinas, customers only need to meet the following basic conditions:

  • Between 22 to 70 years old.
  • Currently employed or with a steady source of income.
  • Have any of ids: TIN, Passport, PRC, UMID, SSS, Driver’s License.
  • All customers should have valid Bank or Gcash account.

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Online Loans Pilipinas Loan Limit And Interest Rate

OLP is currently supporting loans with a limit of PHP 1,000 – 20,000,000 for a term of 30 days, 90 days and 180 days.

Interest rates when borrowing Online Loans Pilipinas online are as follows:

  • For fees and interest, study the terms and conditions and the disclosure statement before proceeding with the loan transaction.
  • For our first time cutomers we offer zero interest and no processing fee loan. Try our service for free!

How to Apply for a Quick Online Loans Pilipinas Loan


When applying for a quick online loan, customers need to go through the following steps:


Click register to access Online Loans Pilipinas website. On the homepage select:

  • Amount you want to borrow,
  • Payment term and
  • Enter information such as your name and phone number to go to the next step.

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  • If you borrow for the first time, you are only supported with a maximum limit of 7,000.
  • Fill in the correct information such as phone number to receive the OTP code and confirm the contract.

Fill in Personal Information

Customers fill in their personal information completely and accurately according to the form guided on the website.

Especially, fill in the correct ID number, full name because OLP will verify the profile and if it is wrong, you will not be supported.

If you do not use email, you can create a new one or borrow one from a relative to receive information such as loan agreement and payment instructions later.

Fill in Living Address

At this step, customers need to fill in the address where you are living and working, including home address, province, city, county, district and city.

Fill in Employment Information

Coming to this step is quite important, OLP will rely on this to decide if your profile is approved or not, so it should be noted:

  • If customers have stable jobs such as civil servants, private offices receive monthly salary via bank transfer, the possibility of approval will be high.
  • The approval rate for self-employment will be higher than that of self-employed.
  • Salary and income should be from 3,000 or more, the application will be approved.
  • Need to provide your own bank account number to receive disbursement, if not, you should create a new one, it will increase the likelihood of passing the application.

Upload Photo ID card

You take a 2-sided ID card and a photo of you holding your ID card to upload the photo to Online Loans Pilipinas’s website system.

ID card and photo of your face need to be clear, the text on the ID card must be readable and must not be edited or erased.

Provide Relatives Information For Comparison

In this step, you need to provide contact information with relatives, friends, colleagues to compare with the profile. Depending on the file, OLP may or may not call for an appraisal.

Complete Registration

In the last step, you enter the OTP code sent by text message to the phone number you registered to confirm the profile.

The website system will notify the loan application results right on the browser. If it is blue and has a smiley face, you have successfully applied for a loan at Online Loans Pilipinas. You wait for the staff to call back to confirm the contract and receive the money disbursed into your account.

How to repay Online Loans Pilip

You can pay your loan through these 3-payment option:

  • Over-the-counter
  • Online Banking
  • E-wallet

Choose your desired payment option and channel then follow the instructions. We recommend paying through 7/11 & GCash for real time posting.

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Frequently asked question about Online Loans Pilipinas

When applying for a quick online loan, OLP will surely have many questions. Here are some of the most popular issues:

What Does Loan Profile Include?

Loan application at Online Loans Pilipinas only needs ID card, no need to meet face to face to be registered and approved for a loan.

Loan Support In Which Provinces?

Online Loans Pilipinas service is currently deployed in most provinces in Philippines.

What is the Loan Limit?

Online Loans Pilipinas is currently supporting loans from 1,000 to 20,000 PHP.

How Long Is The Loan Period?

Term at Online Loans Pilipinas is from 30 days, 90 days and 180 days.

What’s the Interest Rate?

Interest rates when borrowing Online Loans Pilipinas online are as follows:

  • For first time customers applying for an online loan, the applicable interest rate is 0%, the maximum limit is 7,000.
  • For re-borrowers, the interest rate is 12% – 20%/year., the maximum limit is 20,000.
  • In addition, Online Loans Pilipinas charges a service fee and a consultation fee when the contract is disbursed successfully.

Bad Debt Is Borrowable?

If you have bad debt from group 2 or less, you will still be approved for a loan at Online Loans Pilipinas.

How Do I Get Approval Information?

Please contact Online Loans Pilipinas Hotline for immediate support:

When Will The Money Be Disbursed?

When disbursed, Online Loans Pilipinas will send a notification message to the phone number you registered when making loan application.

Can You Pay Off Your Loan Early?

Absolutely, customers just need to contact the debt settlement department of Van An Phat company – Call center: 028 73 007 005 to be notified of the amount of loan payment before the due date.

Is Late Close Penalty?

Customers need to contact the debt settlement department of Van An Phat company – Call Center: 02873 007 005 to be considered and approved to extend the loan payment.


So above is all the information about Online Loans Pilipinas fast online loan. If you have any questions, you can contact hotline Online Loans Pilipinas for advice. Good luck with your loan!!!

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