Maybank exchange rate – Maybank Forex Today 24/7 (06/2022)

Maybank exchange rate updated at the head office. Maybank currency exchange rate today, Maybank USD rate, Maybank forex is always the question Filipinio ask. Follow this article to know exactly the exchange rate.

What Is Maybank?

Maybank Philippines, Inc. (MPI) is a full-service commercial bank, serving retail, commercial, and corporate clients.

MPI offers an array of financial services and products that include lending (personal loans, commercial loans, corporate loans), deposit-taking, electronic banking, credit card, cash management services, remittances, trust and fiduciary accounts, and treasury products and services.

With over 20 years of operations in the Philippines, the bank has primed itself for providing exceptional service to its clients. MPI is present in all the three major islands of the Philippines, with more than 60 branches and over 90 offsite and on-site ATMs nationwide, and complemented by a secure and convenient digital banking platform.

MPI is a member of the Maybank Group, one of Asia’s leading banking groups and Southeast Asia’s fourth largest bank by assets. The Maybank Group is present in 18 countries, including all 10 ASEAN, namely: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong SAR & People’s Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The Group offers an extensive range of products and services, which includes consumer and corporate banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, stock broking, insurance and takaful and asset management.

Maybank exchange rate – Maybank Forex Today


CurrencyBuying (in PHP)Buying (in USD)Selling (in PHP)Selling (in USD)
JPY (YEN)0.40710.00730.42820.0077
GBP (POUND)65.93671.183469.36141.2448
HKD (DOLLAR)6.93330.12447.29340.1309
SGD (DOLLAR)39.60560.710841.66270.7477
AUD (DOLLAR)38.63740.693440.64420.7294
EUR (EURO)55.75041.000558.6461.0525
CNY/RMB (YUAN)8.05680.14468.47530.1521
MYR (RINGGIT)12.22890.219512.86410.2309
TWD (NT DOLLAR)***1.81380.03261.9080.0342
KRW (WON) ***0.04170.00070.04390.0008
CHF (FRANC) ***57.73321.036160.73191.0899
CAD (DOLLAR) ***42.52930.763344.73830.8029
BHD (DINAR) ***144.11112.5863151.59622.7207
SAR (RIYAL)***14.47250.259715.22420.2732
IDR (RUPIAH)***0.00370.00010.00390.0001
THB (BAHT) ***1.53620.02761.6160.029
NZD (DOLLAR) ***35.02460.628636.84380.6612
Forex as of 08/15/2022

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