10+ Best Loan App Philippines Review [2022]

Online loans support fast financial solutions within a day with a loan limit of PHP 1,000 – PHP 25,000 with just ID card, disbursed directly through a bank account after loan approval. Let’s find out the most reputable online loan applications today through the content of this article.


10+ Instant Loans Online App 24/24 With Just ID Card Lowest Interest Rate

Summary of the most prestigious 24/24 online instant loan applications in 2021:

MoneyCat – Loans Online 24/7

CashAlo – Online Loan with ID Card 0% Interest Rate

UnaCash – Instant Loan Online Only ID card

OLP – Loan Online 24/24 with 0% Interest

Tala – Loans Online 24/7

JuanHan – Online Loan Without Authentication

Note: Customers can apply for loans online at many apps to increase the disbursement rate of loan documents.


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What is Online Loan?

Quick online loan is an online loan solution that only requires ID without collateral, register 100% online on smartphones under the P2P Lending model (peer-to-peer lending) supported by lenders. reputable online loans.

New online loan applications support loans with flexible limits from 1,000 – 25,000 PHP with simple procedures, quick appraisal documents only 5-30 minutes and disbursal immediately.

To apply for an online loan, customers only need to download the application, fill in all information and update their ID to be appraised and disbursed.

What’s the Loan App?

Loan apps are applications that support online loans installed on mobile phones (smartphones) by downloading from CHPlay (for phones using Android operating system) and AppStore (for phones using iOS operating system). ).

Online loan applications are often developed by loan support units in parallel with the registered version on the website.

Borrowing money through the app is a form of loan that many customers choose to register for because of its convenience and speed in the approval and disbursement process.

Online Loan Conditions

To be eligible to apply for a low-interest online loan, customers need to meet some of the conditions below.

Advantages Of Online Loan

Although recently appeared, the form of online loans without meeting, transferring money via bank only needs to be signed by many customers and many units participate in the lending market because of its advantages. its.

Trusted Loan Partners

Online loan applications/websites are supported by reputable online lenders that have licenses and are open about interest rates and service fees.

When applying for a quick online loan, customers are advised carefully about loan interest rates, referral fees and other fees. When the customer agrees, the new loan is disbursed to the bank account.

Bad Debt Can Still Get Borrowed

Can bad debt borrow money online? The answer is yes. Online loan applications are supported by lenders, not banks, so they are not affected by the CIC credit history system.

Therefore, customers with bad debt, paying attention can completely apply for a loan online by transfer at online loan applications 24/24.

Simple Procedure

A simple profile is an advantage when applying for a loan online, customers only need to prepare their ID and the owner’s bank account to apply for a loan.

It only takes 5 – 15 minutes to complete the online loan application on the phone, and the customer will be assessed for a loan with a maximum limit of up to 25,000 PHP.

Many Services Support Online Loans With 0% Interest Rate

Online loan with 0% interest rate is a promotion program applied to new customers applying for a loan for the first time or customers with a good repayment history.

Customers only need to pay the principal amount and service fees, if any, when the payment is due.

Disadvantage Of Online Loan

Besides the advantages when borrowing money online, customers should also consider some of the disadvantages below.

Online loan interest rates are higher than unsecured loans because online loans do not require proof of income, collateral and absolutely no home appraisal.

The maximum online loan limit of 25,000 PHP is still low, not enough to meet the needs of customers who need loans for business.

Online loan time ranges from 7 days to 3 months, which can become a financial pressure if customers do not prepare enough money when the payment is due.

Online Loan Limit and Term

Online money lending applications support loans with flexible limits from 1,000 PHP – 15,000,000 PHP for a period of 7 – 90 days.

For new customers, the maximum loan limit is PHP 5,000,000 and the preferential program is 0% interest rate, free of charge.

Online Loan Interest Rate

Online loans are supported by licensed lenders, so the applicable interest rate cannot exceed 20% per year as prescribed by law.

However, besides the loan interest rate, customers may have to pay a number of other fees such as service fees, brokerage fees, etc., so it is necessary to find out the service fees carefully before applying for an online loan.

How to Borrow Money Online Safely

Currently, there are many online loan applications that are providing online financial solutions, so customers should note some solutions to help borrow money safely below.

How To Choose Qualified Online Loan

This is the first important factor you need to keep in mind. Before applying for an online loan, you need to find out how the service that unit supports? Is the loan company reputable? Does it operate in accordance with the regulations of the state bank?

You can find out on the internet or call directly to the call center to ask for necessary information (procedures, conditions, loan interest rates, …) and then decide to apply for a loan.

Check out Customer Review

Borrowing apps always have a section for customers to evaluate service quality on the website or on CHPlay, App Store… You can refer to the reviews of customers who have used the service there to see if there is a possibility. positive or not?

Choosing the Right Lending Unit

There are many online loan applications on the market, so choosing the right lender is also very important.

You should refer to many applications to choose where the loan is with the lowest interest rate and there are many preferential programs such as 0% interest rate for new customers.

Carefully Review Contracts

If your application is approved for a loan, before disbursing, please carefully read the contract to see if the information matches when advising you or not? The most important part is the interest rate, service fee, penalty fee or installment period.

Notes on Timely Payment

Paying off your loan on time is important because late payments can result in hefty penalties and impact on your credit history.

Instructions to Apply for a Loan Online 24/24

The process of applying for a loan online is simple with just the basic steps below.

Step 1. Apply for a loan

Compare and choose the appropriate online loan app, then click the “Register Now” button to select a loan limit and start registering.

Step 2. Complete the profile

Fill out all the information in the loan application including:

Personal information such as full name, cmnd/cccd number, date of birth, gender ..

Job information, company name, income

Temporary residence address

Reference information

Bank account number

Step 3. Limit Approval

After receiving the loan request from the customer, the lender begins to evaluate the online application and approve the loan limit. Results are notified to customers by calling, emailing or sms.

Step 4. Disbursement

After the loan application is approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account/ATM card.

Step 5. Loan Payment

Customers pay the loan according to the provided forms and apply for a loan again if needed.

Online Loan Repayment Instructions

In order to create the most favorable conditions for customers to pay loan contracts, online loan applications deploy many payment methods such as:

Bank transfer

Payment via e-wallet

Payment at collection stores

Bank transfer

This is the most recommended form of payment because of its high security, the lender will immediately receive your payment for the loan agreement. Customers can transfer money via Internet Banking or deposit money directly at a bank branch. Customers can get the lender’s bank account number in two ways below:

Method 1: Log in to your loan account, access the loan contract payment section and select pay by transfer to get your bank account number.

Method 2: Call the switchboard number to get the account number.


Most of today’s online loan applications are linked with e-wallets to provide online loan payments for customers. Some of the most linked e-wallets such as Momo, Viettel Pay, Zalo Pay… To pay for a quick loan online via e-wallet, customers follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your e-wallet.

Step 2: Select the installment loan contract payment item and choose a lender.

Step 3: Enter Contract number or ID

Step 4: Check contract information, payment amount.

Step 5: Pay the contract.

Frequently Asked Question About Online Loan App

What is Filipinance?

Filipinance is a website specializing in providing financial solutions such as loans, opening credit cards, and useful financial knowledge to customers.

Filipinance is not a direct lender, but only recommends the best loans based on customer reviews and offers from loan providers.

Is there a fee when applying for a loan at Filipinance?

Filipinance’s service is completely free. We do not charge any fees from borrowers.

Is Online Loan App Scam?

In fact, online money lenders are licensed to operate and always transparently disclose interest rates and loan service fees before disbursing so customers can be completely assured when registering. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to some hot money lenders, scam customers with service fees disguised as online loans.

How To Know Which Is A Reputable Online Money Lending Application?

Before deciding to apply for a loan, you need to determine if the loan app is reputable or not by some of the following criteria:

  • Have a clear company address
  • If you are a reputable financial company, your loan will be approved quickly
  • Product information such as interest rates and fees are public and transparent
  • Contract terms and conditions comply with Philippines law
  • Do not force customers to borrow money, only disburse when the customer’s consent is obtained

CIC Credit History Bad Debt Can I Get an Online Loan?

Bad debt customers can still borrow money online with a limit of PHP 1,000 – 25,000, just need an ID.

Fast Online Loan App What Conditions Need?

Quick online loans apply to customers aged 18-60, living and working in provinces across the country, having full ID and adapt minimum income of lender requirements.

Loan Online App Maximum Limit?

24/7 online loan limit from 1,000 PHP – 25,000 PHP

How Long Does Online Loan Take?

The loan period is from 7 days to 90 days depending on the lender.

How Much Is Online Loan Interest Rate?

Interest rates for online loans depend on the lending company but do not exceed 20%/year and may incur service fees.

Can I Apply For Multiple Loans Online App?

Customers can apply for a loan online via the app on many applications at the same time to increase the loan approval rate.

What’s wrong with Late Payment?

When paying late, customers will be charged a late payment fee, so they should pay before the due date or extend the loan contract.

Is Early Online Loan Payment Possible?

Yes, early online loan settlement helps to increase credit score and apply preferential programs for the next loan.

Can Approved Loan Application Canceled?

Yes, when the application has not been disbursed, the customer can contact the call center to cancel the loan application.


Borrowing money online is an urgent financial solution in a short time chosen by many customers. However, it is important to choose a reputable online money lender with transparent interest rates to avoid fraud.

The online loan applications introduced in this article are completely trustworthy, so customers can feel secure when applying for a loan.

Good luck!

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