Landbank exchange rate – Landbank Forex Today 24/7 (09/2023)

Landbank exchange rate updated at the head office. Landbank currency exchange rate today, Landbank USD rate, Landbank forex is always the question Filipinio ask. Follow this article to know exactly the exchange rate.

What Is Landbank?

The Landbank is a government financial institution that strives to meet both its social mandate and economic goals. Specifically, it aims to enhance rural development while still maintaining financial viability.

It is obvious that Landbank is unique among other institutions because it operates as both a commercial bank and a development agency. The profits from this dual-purpose are used to finance their developmental programs and initiatives.

The bank has been able to successfully manage the difficult balancing act of expanding its loan portfolio regarding its priority sectors. It is listed among the top five commercial banks for assets, deposits, and loans. That’s the reason why everyone should consider joining this institution as their first choice!

Landbank exchange rate – Landbank Forex Today


Updated: As of 09:05 AM 10/03/2023

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