HSBC Credit Card – A Financial Option For You

It’s never too early to start managing your finances. HSBC credit card is a great financial option for those of you looking to experience the benefits of having a credit card. In this post, we will go over some of the best features and things to consider before applying for an HSBC credit card.

What Is An HSBC Credit Card?

HSBC credit cards allow you to borrow money from the bank that issued them. You can choose to pay back your borrowed funds either in full or monthly installments. If you don’t make all of these payments on time, interest will start accumulating at an automated rate.

You can spend on your card within the credit limit without having to go back for approval. Monthly statements tell which transactions were made and what was spent, but don’t worry because there are options!  You might have a minimum repayment that needs making every month or an option between fixed payments versus full ones each time it’s due.

HSBC Philippines

HSBC is one leading bank in the industry

What Are Types of Credit Cards from HSBC?

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card

If you’re looking for a credit card that’s beyond impressive, then the Platinum Visa Card from HSBC is exactly what your wallet has been waiting on. You can earn points just by traveling abroad using this card; 4 pts of AirMiles per 20 pesos spent. 

Plus, make your trip safe and worry-free using the Platinum Visa Card from HSBC with travel accident insurance coverage on all trips worldwide. There is also a waiver of the first year’s yearly cost following application acceptance, so take advantage of it while you can.

Traveling worldwide with HSBC credit cards

Traveling worldwide with HSBC credit cards

Here are some other advantages include, and there may be more:

  • Transferring a credit card balance
  • Charging automatically
  • Advance service in cash
  • Fuel Economy
  • Exciting benefits (at over 27,000 locations in 160 countries & territories worldwide) 
  • HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card offers up to four times the points and travel benefits of conventional credit cards.

HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

The HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card is perfect for those who want to maximize their cashback rewards. With up to a 5% dining bonus and an additional 0.5% for other services, it’s never been easier than now with this great card!

Credit cards help you with your spending

Credit cards help you with your spending

Here are some other advantages include, and there may be more:

  • Transferring a credit card balance
  • Charging automatically
  • Advance service in cash
  • Fuel Economy
  • Exciting benefits (more than 27,000 locations in 160 countries & territories all over the world) 

HSBC Red Mastercard Credit Card

With the HSBC Red Mastercard credit card, you can enjoy spending on your shopping. Each time you spend PHP 20 when utilizing this fantastic rewards program, you’ll get one additional point! If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, you’ll get 4 additional points each time you use it at any of the HSBC partner retailers in the Philippines!

Here are some other advantages include:

  • Use the bonus points you’ve collected to get things like gift vouchers and flight miles.
  • A plan for making regular payments with cash
  • Transfer a credit card balance
  • Auto charge
  • Cash advance
  • Fuel Savings
  • Exciting benefits (at over 27,000 locations in 160 countries & territories worldwide) 

Why Should You Choose HSBC?

Cardholders with HSBC credit cards enjoy a slew of perks. These capabilities include managing money and planning cash flow using easy banking methods via the internet, mobile phone, or expedited services! Take advantage of all these benefits by applying for one today – you won’t regret it!

HSBC credit cards

HSBC credit cards

Each HSBC credit card comes with a unique set of benefits:

  • Cash installment plan – A part of your credit card limit can be transferred to a cash account using the HSBC CIP function. This means that it’s hassle-free, secure, and reliable!
  • Balance transfer – If you have good credit and are an HSBC cardholder, this is the feature for you! You can transfer any existing non-HSBC debt to your new account at reduced rates.
  • Balance conversion plan – You can convert any non-installment or retail purchase with your HSBC credit card to an installment while continuing using the same account, and you will not be charged any additional interest on the converted balance.
  • eStatements – With eStatements, your monthly statements are now immediately emailed to your email inbox, conveniently and eco-friendly. From beginning to end, all it takes is a single click on a webpage or a download!
  • HSBC auto-charge – With HSBC, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay those annoying payments since they’ll be automatically charged. With a single click, everything is taken care of so that life can go on as usual with no hiccups or interruptions.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Apply For An Hsbc Credit Card?

To apply for an HSBC credit card, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Age range: 18 to 70
  • An HSBC Advance bank account (HSBC Advance Visa) or an HSBC Premier bank account (HSBC Premier Mastercard)
  • The primary account holder of a Philippine-issued credit card with an excellent credit rating for minimum 12 months (Red Mastercard, Gold Visa Cash Back, and Platinum Visa).
  • Have a minimum yearly gross income of PHP 200,000 (Red Mastercard and Gold Visa Cash Back) or PHP 500,000 (Platinum Visa)

What Are The Required Documents To Apply For An HSBC Credit Card?

When you apply for a credit card through HSBC, they’ll process your application only when all the proper documents have been submitted. As such, it’s best to get those in advance as delays can happen, especially with government-issued papers during this process at times!

Proof Of Identity

  • Choose one of the following documents: driver’s license, NBI clearance, passport or postal ID.
  • Choose two of the following documents: birth certificate, police clearance, SSS ID, PRC license, TIN ID, voter’s ID, or company ID (SEC-registered companies only)
  • For visitors from outside the country: Visa,  Immigration Certificate of Residence or Alien Certificate of Registration

Proof Of Income

  • Applicants who are already employed: three months of paycheck stubs or the most recent income tax return/ITR, BIR Form 2316. 
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed candidates: T=the most recent ITR,  a financial statement for the previous three months and a duplicate of the company registration.
  • Filipinos who work abroad (OFWs): and work visa, work permit, POEA-issued OFW card, or POEA certificate and certificate of employment or contract of employment 

Proof Of Residence

Recent utility bills issued under the applicant’s name were addressed to the applicant’s address and dated within three months.

How Do You Apply For HSBC Credit Cards?

To apply for an HSBC card, select the card that’s right for you and follow our step-by-step guide.

Apply for a HSBC credit card now

Apply for a credit card now

Step 1: Submit an employment application online.

Step 2: Select the credit card you would like to have and then click on apply.

Step 3: Submit your details on the HSBC credit card application form.

Once done, hit “send,” and your application is ready to go.

Final Thoughts

HSBC credit card is a financial option for all people. The company’s strict eligibility criteria and its commitment to customer satisfaction make it a good option for anyone looking for an easy way to manage their finances.

Hope you found some helpful information in this post. Thank you for taking your time.

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