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Keeping track of your finances is a huge task. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself if you try to do it all on your own, but trust me when I say there are tons of ways in which online systems and apps can help you out! Digido Philippines is one of them. They are some of the best lending companies that you can trust.

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About Digido Finance Corp

Digido is a loan platform based in the Philippines. It takes advantage of the most recent technological developments by developing a cutting-edge online cash-lending website that provides Filipinos with quick access to loans with no collateral necessary. 

Digido finance corp

Digido finance corp

There will be no more paperwork or travels to the office to get your cash loan authorized! Go to the website and fill out your loan application in a matter of minutes. Get the money you require when you require it.

The Access and Use of Payment Systems Regulations control the eligibility of organizations engaged in e-money operations, such as Digido Philippines. The firm is registered with the SEC following the regulations published under Section 1010 of the Payment Systems Act 8792 and its implementing rules and regulations.

Official: from August 8 th 2021, Robocash PH renamed to Digido

Is Digido Legit?

When looking for a competent financial institution to assist you with your back-end accounting and tax reporting, keep in mind that some institutions are required by law (with the Securities and Exchange Commission in charge) to obtain authorization to function in the Philippines. Depending on your business type and requirements, for further information, go to sec.gov.ph. 

If you are worried about whether Digido Philippines is legitimate or not, don’t- because it is 100% legitimate. The SEC has accepted it, and the company is licensed to do what it does in Metro Manila. Its official registration number with the SEC is CS202003056.

How To Get A Loan Through Digido? 

Digido Loan Requirements

Anyone – a private individual or business – can get a Digido loan. But it’s important to have an idea of what your needs are and how you hope to implement them once you’ve received this funding so that you can come up with achievable goals that represent true value for the money and add genuine growth capital to your enterprise.

Even though you might not get approved, it doesn’t hurt to try. If the idea is good enough, the loan application will surely get approved! All you need to prepare are:

✔ Proof of Philippine citizenship

✔ Age starting from 21 and no more than 70

✔ Proof of income or Proof of employment

✔ ID card

✔ Registered phone number.

How To Get Your Loan Through Digido?

  1. Register an account with DIGIDO

Loan applications in these places still require basic Proof of identity; you will need the documents listed above and a confirmation phone number. This organization supports many attractive policies, creating the most favorable conditions for borrowers.

Get your loan quickly through Digido

Get your loan quickly through Digido

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  1. Choose how to receive money

The company will give you the choice of methods to receive the loan quickly and flexibly. You can choose a bank account from different credit institutions to be most convenient for withdrawing money and repaying debt.

  1. Sign the contract with Digido

Digido offers you a convenient way to access fast cash. All you have to do is confirm your consent, and the money will be earmarked for your project. Since there are so many hands in the pot regarding who handles financial transactions, Digido takes care of things on their end and simplifies what’s going into your pockets by automating payments!

Digido Interest Rates

Interest rates are one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not you should get a loan. Digido interest rates are higher than your average Philippine bank but lower than other lending companies. The company would only get you an interest rate that doesn’t exceed 1.43% every year. 

Great offer from Digido

Great offer from Digido

This could be low for people who have never borrowed a loan from anyone before, but it is still considered okay and non-threatening to borrowers.

Digido Philippines Calculator

Apply repayment terms monthly repayment APR total cost
20000 6 months 5000 143% 2383

What Are The Benefits You Can Get With Digido Lending Company?

  • You will get your loan fast. Your credit score doesn’t matter, and neither does your bank account. Apply today and get a fantastic deal on your new set of wheels! With affordable repayment options and all fees being public, Digido will take care of you from start to finish! 
  • Easy application. Fill out the form by clicking a button. No paperwork is required. 
  • You won’t need any collateral for your loan.


Why Haven’t I Received My Money After Digido Approved My Loan?

Digido will send the money right after you’ve signed the contract, which will most likely take a day or two. From there, it’s a waiting game; you need your bank to process the request. 

Normally Digido can get things working within 24 hours if you use Cebuana Cash Pick-Up or Gcash, but keep in mind these systems often have long lines! 

What To Do If Digido’s Messages Do Not Arrive?

Reboot your phone. If you aren’t receiving messages, check to see if you have adequate memory space (and if not, delete some texts). Check your billing information to ensure that it is right. 

If they are satisfactory, please notify us at support@digido.ph with the nature of your problem, your phone number, and the telecom provider you use so that we can keep a watch on things.


Financing your big project can be frustrating and even overwhelming at times. But, not anymore. Digido has many years of development and now has a proven track record of helping small business owners get the funds they need to see their projects through to fruition. Whether you are an individual or a business, there is always a financial aid option.

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