Citibank Personal Loan – Everything You Need To Know

Do you need a personal loan? If so, we have some information for you. A Citibank personal loan has no set deadline, and it can be used for all sorts of purposes. Read on to learn more about how much money you’ll get with your Citibank personal loan and what type of services they offer!

About Citibank 

Citibank is a leading company in the banking segment. Citi Philippines provides facilities to meet the needs of businesses in both local and international markets, with over $70 billion in assets under management and professional staff dedicated to providing quality service on every transaction made through them!

Citibank is one leading bank

Citibank is one leading bank

Citi Philippines’ Institutional Clients Group provides a wide range of financial services to the country’s public sector customers, multinational corporations, and institutions. 

The team here is known for providing innovative end-to-end cash management solutions, such as trade finance or securities custody and funds management, to help clients achieve their objectives more effectively.

Citibank branches offer retail loans and deposits for people who want to save more than what they had before! 

It also provides domestic debt underwriting services through its affiliate Citicorp Capital Philippines Inc., as well as financial advisory expertise like Global Consumer Banking which covers all your bank needs. 

These include lifestyle convenience products such as credit cards or even banking gold trusts managed by CFCI Financial Services Incorporated.

Citi Personal Loan

You can apply for a personal loan from Citi with the simplest procedure. As soon as you are accepted, you can receive the money, so it’s easy as pie! Citibank also provides monthly repayment via EMIs with no issues at all!

Product Name: Citi Personal Loan
Remarks: With faster processing time
Minimum Amount of Loan: 20,000.00
Maximum Amount of Loan: 2,000,000.00
Minimum Loan Tenure: 12 months
Maximum Loan Tenure: 60 months

Citi Personal Loan

Why Should You Apply for a Citi Personal Loan? 

You’ll need a good reason to get the Citi Personal Loan, and here are just some of its features:

Fast Loan Approval

Citibank’s personal loan approval process only takes 24 hours! Before submitting an application, you must meet eligibility standards and have all required papers completed in order to receive speedy service.

Added benefits include the fact that no collateral is necessary (which means no more mortgage loans), and unlike other financial institutions, you do not need someone else to guarantee your repayment.

Your loan will get approved in no time

Your loan will get approved in no time

Citibank also has a wide variety of loans to suit your needs. Whether it be PHP 100,000 or 2 million, they will find the perfect amount for you! Just keep in mind that this depends on Citibank’s approval, so be sure to check with them first!

Flexible Loan Terms

Another advantage of the Citi personal loan has the longest repayment term in the Philippines of up to five years. Borrowers can choose to repay their personal loan in 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, depending on how much they can afford to pay per month.

Citibank provides you with one of the greatest services

Citibank provides you with one of the greatest services

Low Citi Personal Loan Interest Rate

Citibank has one of the lowest interest rates in the Philippines. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for people who need money but don’t want their monthly expenditures to rise.

Citibank also has a low-interest rate

Citibank also has a low-interest rate

What Are the Requirements for applying to Citibank Personal Loan? 

  • You are over 21 years old and not over 65 years old.
  • You have to be a Filipino resident or local with a valid billing address in the Philippines. 
  • Possess Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) for this application process. 
  • You’re the primary cardholder.
  • Your gross annual income should exceed 250k PHP if it isn’t already past that amount before applying!

What Are The Required Documents For Applying to Citibank Personal Loan? 

  • For employed: 
    • A copy of your latest 1 month full payslip
    • One (1) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature. 
  • For self-employed individuals: 
    • One (1) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature. 
    • An income tax return from last year’s filing season (BIR Form 1701) 
    • Audited financial statements alongside an impartial audit report, financial statements, and a tax receipt
  • For Foreign Nationals:

In addition, you must provide a photocopy of either:

  1. Your valid passport or ACR card, AND card
  2. (1) proof that you are currently residing in this country as a legal immigrant 
  1. an immigrant with the ICR card
  2. ACR I-Card with visa holder whose status is “permanent” for AEPs & work permit/Alien Employment Permit(AEPA). Or no, it must be valid for more than 1 year.
  3. Special Resident Investors (SRIV)
  4. Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV)
  5. For the top 2000 firms, an employment contract or a letter from human resources printed on the company’s letterhead with the position’s name and a confirmation of the term’s validity.

For submitting your documents, please send us an email via:

How To Apply for Citibank Personal Loan?

Completed application form here: Fill out online

Alternatively, you can download the form, fill it out in advance, and then bring it to the bank to submit!

What is Citibank Personal Loan’s Interest rate?

The average annual contractual rate for Citi customers is 26.9%, but non-Citibank customers can still apply with an advertised 30.9% interest!

Regarding the monthly pricing, below is a comparison table for you to consider:

Annual Contractual Rate The Annual Contractual Rate (ACR) is the interest that will be charged on the loan, based on a 360-day period, computed on a monthly basis wherein each month consists of 30 days (Except for the 1st month which is equal to the number of calendar days from the approval date to the next billing date).

Exact ACR will be indicated in the Disclosure Statement.

Disbursement Fee P1,750 for each disbursement
Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) P1.50 for every P200 of the amount, which is subject to applicable laws and regulations
Effective Interest Rate In accordance with the Philippine Accounting Standards definition, effective interest rate (EIR) is the rate that exactly discounts estimated future cash flows through the life of the loan to the net amount of loan proceeds (BSP Circular No. 730, S2011).

The EIR which includes the monthly interest, Disbursement Fee and DST, is computed at 32.05% using a sample loan amount of P200,000 at 36 months and 26.9% ACR. Exact EIR will be indicated in the Disclosure Statement.

Closure Handling Fee 4% of the unbilled principal component of the loan that is prepaid.
Returned Check Fee P1,500 will be charged for every check that is returned or that bounces due to insufficiency of funds, uncollected deposits, stop payment order, alterations or erasure, among others.
Monthly Late Charge P500 or 6% of the Overdue Amount, whichever is higher.

Please see the Citi Personal Loan Terms and Conditions at for the definition of Overdue Amount.

Monthly Interest Charge “Monthly Interest Charge” or “Interest Charge” means the interest, computed using the monthly revolving interest of 2.42% (“Monthly Interest Rate”), applied on any or all of the following: (1) on any unpaid fees and charges, and (2) on the Total Amount Due, when my Citi Personal Loan is in default at 60 days past due, in which case, the Total Amount Due will include any unpaid fees and charges, the past due monthly principal installment amounts and the remaining principal balance. Such interest shall be compounded monthly and will continue to be charged until full payment of Total Amount Due plus accrued interest.
Attorney’s Fees & Other Judicial Expenses In case of default in payment, in addition to late and interest charges, the cost of collection and/or attorney’s fees and the litigation and judicial expenses as applicable.

Citibank Personal Loan’s interest rates


How Will I Know If My Citi Personal Loan Application Has Been Approved? 

Citi will contact you once your application has been approved. If there are any questions, feel free to call CitiPhone!

How Do I Close My Citibank Personal Loan?

Closing the loan agreement is not a complicated process, but it does take some time. You will need to call Citibank customer care at 1860 210 2484 and select your options under “loan,” such as pre-closure or estimate of the amount needed for closing fees. After that, a representative from Citibank will compute your total debt and get back to you with the results.


Citibank Personal Loan is a great way to finance your personal needs. You can apply for the loan online or in person at any Citibank location, and you should have all of the required documents ready before applying. With a low-interest rate and dynamic services, this will surely be one option that you should consider!

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