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Quick loan CashXpress is a fast loan application applying very high technology modern. Customers do not need to be too difficult when applying for a loan, just a few steps to have 10,000 loans immediately. So how does CashXpress get a quick loan? We invite you to follow us.

Information on CashXpress Online Loan

Loan form  Loan Online on Website
 Procedure  CMND/CCCD
 Support Area  Country
 Age  20 – 60
 Loan  1,000 – 20,000 PHP
 Term of loan  30 – 90 days
 Interest rate  12% – 20%/year
 Disbursement time  15 minutes
 Offers  0% interest on first loan
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What Is CashXpress?

CashXpress belongs to CashXpress South East Asia Lending Inc. With this service, borrowers will be connected with reputable lenders to save time searching for borrowers.


Currently, CashXpress only provides online money lending services through the website

Company information:

  • Brand: CashXpress South East Asia Lending Inc.
  • Address: Avida CityFlex, 7th Ave cor. Lane T, North Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
  • Company Registration No. CS201951088
  • Certificate of Authority No. 2918 granted by the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION on 20th June 2019.
  • Email: – – – –
  • Customer support hotline: +632 7902-7390

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Advantages of using Cashxpress

When using CashXpress for quick loans, customers will receive the following incentives:

  • The operations are 100% online, after 5-15 minutes you can receive the money, no collateral required.
  • Just take a photo ID/CCCD, the procedure is very simple.
  • Information about interest rates and monthly payments are public and transparent.
  • Customer information is completely confidential.
  • Provide loans from 1,000 PHP to 20,000 PHP with a payment term of 7 – 30 days.


Disadvantages of CashXpress

With CashXpress, you can only borrow up to PHP 20,000 with a 90-day payment term. This amount for business investment is quite difficult and often does not meet the needs.

Interest rates when borrowing are also relatively high compared to unsecured loans, consumer loans at banks or financial companies…

In short, each form of loan will have different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your actual needs, you can choose a suitable loan package.

CashXpress Online Loan Limit And Loan Term

The minimum limit when choosing CashXpress for quick loans is 1,000 PHP, the maximum is 20,000 PHP. The loan term is from 7 to 30 days. The interest rate will be based on the amount and term that the customer borrows.

CashXpress Loan Interest Rate

Depending on your loan term, interest rates will be varied. You may log-into your account and select an active or previous application in order to get the calculation. Similalry, we have provided you with a calculator that you can use to determine how much and how long you want to borrow.

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CashXpress Loan Conditions

When choosing CashXpress for a quick loan, customers need to meet the following conditions:

1. Must be at least 21 to 50 years old
2. A Filipino citizen currently living in the Philippines
3. Currently employed, self-employed.

How To Register Loan With CashXpress

Create your private space on the website

You must complete the form with your personal data. For this you only need one document and phone number. Everything is very simple! Completing the form takes a few minutes.

Sign the contract with CashXpress

Confirm your consent to obtain the loan online. You will receive the confirmation code via a message on your telephone. The loan will be transferred in real time in the simplest way for you.


How To Repay Loan With CashXpress

CashXpress is partnered with multiple payment channels to make repayments easier for you!

Please log-in to your account and click PAY NOW and choose your preferred method of payment. A payment instruction will be generated with your reference number to help you every step of the way.

You may check the repayment due date of your active loan by logging into your account and clicking HISTORY. Similarly, we have also included the due date in the loan contract we have sent you when you got approved.

Notes When Registering CashXpress Loan Application

When filling out the loan application form, customers should keep the following points in mind:

Provide accurate and complete personal information such as ID number, phone number, full name, date of birth….

Providing a reference phone number for a relative will help the application rate to be higher.

Declare specific and detailed jobs, avoid choosing to work freely and should declare income from 6,000/month or more.

Sensitive professions such as police, lawyers, soldiers or security guards will hardly be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions About CashXpress

Where can I borrow money from CashXpress online?

CashXpress is supporting loans in Philippines nationwide.

Can bad debt borrow money on CashXpress?

Customers with bad debt can still borrow on CashXpress, call the call center directly for advice.

How long does it take to approve a loan on CashXpress?

After the application file, it will take 15-30 minutes for CashXpress to approve your loan.

Late payment is okay?

You can pay late but will receive a penalty from CashXpress. You can pay a part in advance to extend the loan to avoid late interest penalty fees. This renewal fee depends on the amount you borrow and the repayment period.

Is it possible to close the CashXpress loan application before the due date?

You absolutely can. Immediately contact CashXpress call center to check the amount to be paid and paid to complete the application.

How do I know that the payment was successful?

When CashXpress receives funds from you, we will send you an SMS and email.


So when you choose CashXpress for a quick loan, you will receive a lot of incentives and outstanding features of this application. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate loan limit. For more details, you can call Hotline for direct consultation.

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