Cash Mart Full Review And Why You Need It

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise owner, you must have access to cash when you need it. There are many methods for individuals and businesses alike, but one company stands above the rest: Cash Mart

Cash Mart has helped over 100,000 customers get the money they need quickly with no credit check required. Whether your credit score is high or low, this company will help you get the loan amount you need. 

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Can We Trust Cash Mart?

The SEC is responsible for deciding which approves companies to operate in the Philippines. They maintain a list of trusted financial service providers on their website 

Based on our research, it seems that Cash Mart is not registered with the SEC. We advise you to contact them and verify all documentation before doing so, as this could lead to identity theft or other fraudulently-induced damages!

Cash Mart Logo

Cash Mart Logo

Loan Parameters You Need To Consider

The advance parameters are critical for a lender to know. The company will use them to decide if they would want you as an applicant and what interest rates can expect on this type of credit product or not.

Min amount Max amount Min terms Max terms Rate
5000 PHP 30000 PHP 7 30 0,8% – 3,5% per day

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An Example Of Calculating Loan Payments And Interest 

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
Fee 0,8% – 3,5% 0,8% – 3,5% 0,8% – 3,5%
Loan Amount 10000 PHP 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
Interest Amount 3500 PHP 7000 PHP 10500 PHP
Total Repayment 13500 PHP 17000 PHP 20500 PHP

What You May Not Know About Cash Mart

The Cash Mart company is engaged in issuing fast loans to Filipinos. It has one of the highest trust ratings among clients, and there’s no sign that it will decrease soon because they offer people more lending opportunities than any other firm does right now.

Get cash from Cash Mart now

Cash Mart Company’s Specialization

Cash Mart is a company with the mission of providing equal credit conditions for everyone and entering any position so that anyone can receive money. 

Here you have access to loans for personal and business development by choosing what they need based on your income or current financial state. 

According to some sources we looked into, users estimate this activity deserves nine out of 10 points, which means it’s worth checking them out! 

In addition to the considered rate of getting advances, there is also a personal advance option. These are offered by way of business development and others for those in need who know they want more cash on hand as soon as possible! 

The company offers transparency with every request – they can solve all questions through their support service team if you have any worries about receiving your funds quickly or otherwise.

Cash Mart retailer

Cash Mart retailer

Cash Mart Loans Properties

Cash Mart offers quick loans to the citizens of the Philippines. The company’s credit policies are the same regardless of status or place of work, and it works with central banks like Asia United Bank, East West Bank & BDO & BPI Banks by providing four types of advance.

Personal Loan

The power of personal loans is nothing short of incredible. If you need cash to pay for your studies or buy furniture for repairs, then this type of advance can be the solution!


  • Interest rate: 0.8-3.5%.
  • Loan amount: 5000-50000 pesos.
  • Repayment: during a certain period.
  • Approval time: 24 hours.

Salary Loan

A new program, unlike any other: the client can get money for any purpose, and it’s suitable if you urgently need some cash. The slogan of this company, “any day will be your salary,” explains how straightforward their business model is!


  • Interest rate: 0.8-3.5%.
  • Loan amount: 5000-30000 pesos.
  • Application evaluation period: 24 hours.
  • Repayment: during a certain period.


Set your expected amount

Car Loan

Cash Mart is an innovative company that helps people in need of credit to purchase cars. Despite the history of creditors and state banks refusing, the company will treat all applicants equally.


  • Loan amount: 5000-30000 pesos.
  • Interest rate: 0.8-3.5%.
  • Application review period: 24 hours.
  • Repayment: A certain period.

Travel Loan

This type will allow you and your family to experience the “joys” of traveling while enjoying a nice vacation. You can spend it on: transport, hotel accommodation or visa – what better way than trying different things in one go!


  • Loan amount: 5000 – 30000 pesos.
  • Interest rate: 1.2-2.5%.
  • Repayment: during a certain period.
  • Application consideration period: 24 hours.

Get cash from Cash Mart now

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How To Apply For Cash Mart Loan

cash mart Application Form

Application Form

To apply for Cash Mart, the borrower must go to 

Once there, you will need to provide information about yourselves as this affects whether or not you grant advances from that site’s program.  

After creating an account and passing some basic tests like filling in data where he works or how much money one receives each week (or month), then you’ll have access to more personal pages, such as specifying which type of credit-based service is desired, etc.

For all borrowers, requirements are as follows:

-You must be at least 21 years old with Philippine citizenship. 

-Your official employment status will also determine whether or not you can get this amount approved for yourself!

A company’s specialists will call you within an hour of approval. You can expect the money to go on your bank card, and all entered customer information is protected by law. 

There are no third parties who receive this data, so you should not worry!

Final Thoughts

If you need some cash, but your credit score is not the best, Cash Mart may be able to help. 

This company does it all–no matter what your credit standing is like, they’ll work with you to get a loan for whatever amount and term you want at an affordable monthly payment. 

We hope that this blog post was helpful and informative. Thanks for reading, and see you again soon!

Get cash from Cash Mart now

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