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BillEase is the ideal payment option for Filipinos wishing to make purchases on Lazada or any other e-commerce website. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of applying for a credit card or completing an online banking form. 

Instead, use BillEase to receive a debt product and complete your transaction with only one click! Sign up for BillEase today and enjoy Lazada shopping without the burden of payment! 

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About Billease 

Filipinos can now enjoy a convenient way to pay for their purchases on Lazada without the need for a credit card. Billease belongs to the First Digital Finance Corporation (Billease). 

The Billease company of the Phillipines

The Billease company of the Phillipines

BillEase provides affordable debt products for Lazada shoppers and online shoppers, who can also make purchases with installment plans. The best part is that BillEase is a flexible payment solution, allowing Filipinos to shop the way they want.

Is Billease Legal?

To be honest, we are afraid of being duped. If you want to discover if it’s safe for you to obtain a loan in a firm, or if you need assistance locating a decent one, go to the SEC portal.

You may use this website to determine whether or not a corporation is registered with the government. Enter the company’s name into the search field and click “List Company.” This website will also tell you how much experience they have, how much money they make each year, and how many people they employ.

You find Billeas company’s addresses, phone numbers, and contact information on, one of the most important websites involved in detailing potential investment risks and providing contact information for each registered organization. The SEC has registered this company as a legal one. You can check the registration of this company with the number CS201516347, 1101 is the certificate of authority.

How To Get A Loan At Billease

Getting a loan is never easier!

What are the BillEase Loan Requirements?

The application process is simple, just upload a few documents and fill out a quick profile. You get the money right away and don’t need to pay any hidden fees. It’s so easy!

All you need to do is provide us with an identity card that shows you are over 18 years old. Also, prove to Billease that you are financially stable and able to pay off your debt by providing them with proof of salary and billing records (anything like utilities or Internet bills)

How Do I Get Approved for a BillEase Loan?

Get your deposit worth up to 90% in as quickly as 30 days! BillEase loans are quick, easy, and online. With a 1-page application and just a few minutes, you’ll be approved for your loan. Documents are submitted to the lender digitally, and information is verified through our secure system, so here are a few steps you can do to add more value to your profile:

Billease - Buy now, pay later

Billease – Buy now, pay later

Please show Billease your most recent proof of identity. They’ll examine your case immediately and collaborate with you to get the best loan for you. They pledge to provide quick, tailored, and reasonable loans to customers with less-than-perfect credit.

Please only apply once with appropriate documentation.

Get cash from BillEase now

How Can I Pay For Lazada Installment?

Don’t forget to pay your loans on time! It will be very disadvantageous for you when you have to bear many other costs, especially new arising interest. That’s why Billease has some options to make your payment process easier.

  1. No more hassle for getting payment requests or waiting for cash! Billease has a dedicated team to remind you at each payment period. They will send you payment requests, and you can use coins. Ph to make payments. With, you can now use your money and time wisely without having to spend extra for unnecessary fees that other loan providers would charge you for—payments in just one day and access even in remote areas with a smartphone! In addition, you also have the option to pay directly at Cebuana, 7/11, M Lhuillier. 
  2. BillEase is an online banking service that allows you to pay your bills through bank transfer or directly at the bank’s transaction offices. No more being charged late fees!

However, you will need to send proof to the Billease team via email at so they can update your account.

Why Should You Choose Billease: 

Billease conducts all of the legwork for you, saving you time and effort. You may explore their website to locate what you’re searching for since it has a comprehensive database of thousands of worldwide firms, files including all of their data, and simple tools. 

Find all you need within BillEase app

Find all you need within an app

Explore to see what’s happening in your industry’s specialty, uncover new chances to invest in, or see what’s happening in your industry’s trends.

  1. Billease allows you to perform all the necessary procedures online and in just a few simple steps. You don’t need to fill out complicated forms or carry thick personal information files.
  2. In addition, they give you a custom interest rate according to your personal income, and you can also choose the payment term
  3. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free to use BillEase as your go-to bill payment service. Pay by online transfer or at a bank branch; you will have peace of mind knowing that BillEase has your back.

In Conclusion

BillEase is a simple method to pay for your Lazada purchases without using a credit card. Furthermore, BillEase offers debt alternatives that are both simple and economical!

Save even more money by paying your Lazada bill with BillEase. Furthermore, an installment plan allows you to pay your Lazada payment flexibly and handily! On Lazada, you can make quick and easy purchases. Purchase with BillEase right now!

Get cash from BillEase now

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