BDO Unibank – The Complete Guideline (2022)

BDO is a prominent banking institution in the Philippines; it is considered one of the most trusted banks. It provides various banking services to cater to the needs of different people, including account opening services which are accessible without any hassle or requirements.

You can also avail yourself of other BDO products such as credit cards, loans, investment management solutions, insurance plans, and trust funds.

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BDO Bank

What Is BDO?

BDO is a well-established financial institution in the Philippines that provides banking services to all Filipino citizens and businesses. Some of its services include Deposit-taking, Brokering, Lending (consumer and business), Trust and Investments, Credit Cards, Foreign Exchange, Remittances, and Corporate Cash Management in the Philippines.

The Bank’s local subsidiaries provide a wide range of financial services to ensure that its clients’ needs are met. These include Finance and Leasing,  Life Insurance, Stock Brokerage Services, Investment Banking, Insurance Brokerage, Rural Banking, and Private Banking.

With its institutional strengths and value-added products, BDO is able to offer customers a wide range of options for their needs. From the front lines with branches that remain focused on customer service excellence at all times, this company has everything you need in one place!

Besides, the bank obtains more than 1,400 branches and offices in operation, as well as over 4,400 ATMs nationally. BDO is managed by a group of bank officers, and professional managers with rich experiences in different fields include finance and banking, law, business, and accounting.

BDO Office

BDO Office

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BDO Operation and Development

Apparently, BDO is one of the largest banks in the country with its big numbers of customers that increase each year consistently.

Not only famous in the Philippines, but BDO has also expanded its name internationally. In detail, the corporation obtains many awards for banking nationally and is recognized by other areas like Europe and Asia as well.

BDO international branch

BDO international branch

BDO has taken pride in being a winner for the banking category award both domestically and internationally for a long time.

It is still relentlessly receiving more and more recognition in cash management, private banking, fund and asset management, investment banking, equities, and bonds, private wealth management. It is also recognized for social, governance, and environmental initiatives.

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Is BDO a Government Or a Private Bank?

As a private banking service, BDO’s expertise in giving comprehensive wealth management to the country’s high net worth and modern affluent markets makes them one of only a few banks that can provide you with an expert-level financial plan.

The BDO Private Bank has a well-rounded portfolio that includes investment products for all sorts of needs. They also provide strong support to clients looking to manage their wealth, making them one of the best banks out there!

What Products And Services Do BDO Provide?

BDO offers an array of services and industrial products for all sizes of business, which include Foreign Exchange, Lending, Deposit-taking, Investment and Trust, Credit Cards, Brokering, Remittances, and Corporate Cash Management.

Through its subsidiaries, the Bank provides Private Banking, Insurance Brokerage, Financing and Leasing, Investment Banking, Bancassurance, and Stock Brokerage services.

It always strives to meet the needs of BDO merchants with the following services and products:

Straight Payment

Face-to-face or over-the-counter transactions.

Installment Payment Plan

Cardholders can now have the privilege to convert their regular purchase, with a lot of flexibility!

Acknowledging the sharp changes in Consumer shopping habits and lifestyles,  the bank has provided various types of payment options flexibility.

Consumers can pay for basic necessities in installments, which is much more affordable than ever. All BDO cardholders are able to access this facility. With this marketing strategy, partner businesses can boost their sales and earn more profits from the shared market.

Delivery/Events – Uses remote/wireless terminals ideal for delivery services, events, and exhibits.

Refers to BDO’s facility of card acceptance using the Point-of-Sale Wireless Technology, which will be installed at your site to be used for deliveries, events, or roadshows without the need for telephone access.

Refers to the newest and most efficient way of accepting payments using BDO’s Point-of-Sale Wireless Technology. Your site will be able to accept events, roadshows, or deliveries without any need for a telephone connection!

BDO Card

ECommerce – Internet/On-line transactions

The BDO Internet Payment Gateway Facility is an essential tool for any business that does not want to risk their customers’ credit cards on a third-party site. It provides you with secure and reliable methods of sending payments, so your clients can purchase goods or services from your online stores.

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) – Cardholder Not Present Transactions

This is the perfect solution for businesses that want to offer their customers an easy way out. With this facility, you won’t even need them in person!

BDO also offers:

  • POS terminal usage orientation Supplies and Card acceptance
  • Point of Sale (POS) terminal installation
  • Merchant Services Call Center (with Digital toll-free number and PLDT)
  • Servicing, Terminal maintenance and repair
  • Relationship Managers and Account Officers
  • Merchant Online access

Is BDO A Reputable Bank?

As a universal bank, BDO provides customers with a massive range of services such as commercial, corporate, and retail banking services. The bank is also recognized as the top bank in the Philippines regarding loans, total assets, deposits, trust funds under management, deposits, and capital.

BDO was again named Best Bank in the Philippines, and it’s good to see them holding onto their title as well. BDO Private Bank has been at or near the top for years now; they were just re-recognized by Filipino consumers with this prestigious award given only once every few decades!

BDO branch in Ireland

In 2011, BDO positioned itself as the leader of the industry regarding gross customer loans, assets, deposits, and trust assets. It is also the only Philippines bank with an asset base of more than one trillion pesos!

Some other recognitions and awards of BDO earn:

  • “2018 Best Bank in the Philippines” by Finance Asia and Alpha Southeast Asia
  • “2020 Best Bank in the Philippines” by The Asset
  • “2018 Strongest Bank in the Philippines” by The Asian Banker Strongest Banks by Balance Sheet
  • “2018 Best Domestic Bank” by Euromoney’s Asiamoney Best Bank Awards
  • “Platinum Award” by The Asset Corporate Awards
  • “2018 Best Domestic Bank” by The Asset Triple A Country Awards

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What Is BDO Hotline?

Business Address BDO Corporate Center, 7899 Makati Avenue, Makati City
E-mail Address;
Telephone Number (632) 8840-7000 / 8702-6000
Fax Number (632) 8878-4207

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What Is BDO Working Time?

Non-stop service! Community hours on the official Facebook page of BDO Unibank is 7:00 – 19:00. You can reach out anytime, except holidays and weekends via instant messenger or email during these times; for urgent concerns, contact them 24/7 by calling (+632) 8631-8000

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable bank that offers all the services and products your business needs, look no further than BDO. They provide checking accounts, loans, credit cards, insurance policies, and more to help businesses successfully grow. There’s never been a better time to consider partnering up with them!

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